Sunday, September 28, 2003

Google Is this the best searcher or what???

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Well, that's just about enough of this Internet stuff for now, it's totally sunny and warm out... I'm goin' Bikin'


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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Well here we are, my first attempt at a blog. I only recently heard of weblogs through some link to another link I was cruisin' and got interested right away. Something to do with seeing into another persons life, I believe was the first grabber. We are indeed, all different, and I think we all somehow care about how others are appearantly doing out there in the world. No matter how trivial something seems to one person, the same info is adventure serum to a few others. No matter how tough you think you may have it at times, there are always more folks out there who are having a tougher time of it than you are. Always!

Blogs seem to be something that some of us old timers have all wanted since the Internet was first invented. The most powerful communications tool ever, that even the layman, can afford. Talk to the world. Oh wow, what a concept, turned reality! Here will be little 'ol me, bloggin' on a semi-regular basis. Well at least until the funds run out for my ISP. Man oh man is it ever gettin' hard to keep above water when you're livin' on a week to week basis... What will the freakin' future bring? More wealth to the rich and death to the poor? How does everyone else out there manage to hang on when there are so many things going against the little guy ( or gal of course) these days??? Oh, I know all about positive thinkin' etc. but I mean how do you strech your cash to pay your basic bills? How many part-time jobs does one need these days to keep from sinking?

I feel alone in my problem and yet I'm sure there are others out there that know where I'm coming from. I don't mean stuff like, gee I'll have to only have three Pizzas this week and only two coffees a day, to be able to pay my phone bill. Nope! I don't mean cutting back on the amount of videos I'll rent either. Don't even have a freakin' VCR! I don't mean I'll have to sell one of the cars to save money. No cars at all in my simple little life for the last 5 years. Man, does that ever slow you down when you've had cars in your life for the previous 25 years.

No, I don't mean any of those little tips. I mean, how on earth can you have the basic things in life and not be tormented and proded and scrutinized by the damned government every step of the way? How can you stay alive if you are forced to live on the street, as way too many people are having to do these days? Is there a particular bin behind a secret address where they let you take moldy or dried out bread? Is there a secret place where you can put up a little tent in the summer, away from the busy spots and just groove without getting busted or ousted or bullied by the NCC staffers??? These modern times. Too much...

I'll post a little more fun stuff in my next installment, seeing as this bit has turned into a sort of down sounding blurb. Actually it's just me starting off with a little reality bite. As stated above, I kind of know a fair amount about keeping a positive frame of mind and pretty well incoporate that into my daily life as it is. Sometimes, that is ALL I've got to get me through a couple of days...