Monday, September 29, 2008

Cool Old Muscle...

Luck was with me yesterday as I managed to score a number of Cool old Muscle Car shots. I'm still totally impressed with the pictures I've been squeezing out of this amazing little Pentax Optio digital camera. I would recommend this awesome little E30, mid range model, to anyone! Click on the blue link above to go to one of my other blogs here and You can have a look-see, at some of the Very Slick Rides from yesteryear. Here's one of those Cool Car pictures to get you started. Recognize that bodacious butt? :-)

Swing me...


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Blog...

So I was touring around to-night and came across this blog that I had started way back in January of this year. There's just a little blurb in there so far but now that I have found it again, I will input some stuff in it periodically, to help keep my pencil sharp...

So without further delay, here's a hyper-link to it and a pic to go with it, as a hint of what it may or may not contain. :-)

My Bloggers Blog

Fiesty Fresh



Sunday, September 14, 2008

Added more stuff to my Lens @ Squidoo dot com...

Well friends, after yet another busy week, I just finished putting up some new stuff over on my Survival Lens at Squidoo and thought I'd mention it in here, while I had the chance as it's been awhile, again, since I've posted. So, go have a peek and then you can tell me what you think of the newly, improved Lens, right there, if'n ya wanna... :-)

Just click the blue Title above, to check it out and get there quick-like. :-)

Here's a little pre-pic 4 y'all...

Some Cool Containers

Chow 4 now,


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Canadian Writer - Pierre Burton

While doing a little research for my Gold related websites and lenses, I pulled out "The Klondike Quest" A Photographic Essay/1897-1899 Copyright in 1983 By the Great Canadian Historical Writer/ Journalist and amazing individual, Pierre Burton. What a powerful storehouse of facts and photos Mr. Burton has gathered for all the world to see and appreciate. Man, in Those days, Men were Men and most of us to-day, pale by comparison. Those were rugged, tough men, and in a number of cases, real tough women too.

Without sounding like too much of a wimp I hope, I must confess that I did actually shed a tear or three, for those mostly forgotten folks, who sought their fortune in the wilds like that and went through SO many adversities to get it. Most failed to get rich. A pile of them died out there too. A few smarter and or luckier ones, scored Big and did indeed leave the bush rich!

Get ahold of this book, and just see if You can put it down, if you like searching for Gold with more modern day stuff than those poor old souls ever dreamed of. There is still a fair amount of Gold up there where this book takes place. They did NOT get it all. Besides, there has been over a century of storms, floods and rock-crackin' winter cold to replentish a lot of what was previously taken out way back then, so long ago now...

I have a few other Pierre Burton books too, but I really feel close somehow, to this Klondike one of his. You Rule, Pierre Burton!