Wednesday, February 11, 2004


More & even more, time flies since I last posted. Wizzzzzzz. Geez, now we are almost half way through February already. Holy moly. Anywho, for to-day folks, I wanted y'all to check out this fantastically cool place on the web. It's a power house of productive info for ANYONE wanting to make money from the Internet! Feel free to join their top notch Ezine while you're there and then get into all the goodies to-day. Of course it won't cost you anything to use this mega ace info site. That's the way I like to work it. :-) If you are just a new guy or gal to Internet Marketing, good. That's an advantage, believe it or not. You don't have to unlearn a bunch of half truths. You can learn (from SOLN) very powerful marketing methods that have been proven time and again, and can be followed easily by YOU, to your own success. EVEN, and in this case, especially, if you have NO marketing experience at all or very little and or, you are shy and don't think you can sell. This stuff is NOT about selling. See what I mean by un-learning? What all of this is about, is you simply sharing stuff you like with others who may be interested, if of course, they knew you were into it and you were happy. Why wouldn't wouldn't they want to share a piece of that action? They don't need experience either, do they? You'll help them a little too, just like I'm helpin' you a little here to-day, perhaps. Novice is good, if and that's a big IF, you have the right plan in place because you met someone like me who cares about how you are doing out there. I LOVE helping people with a keen interest in bettering themselves.

On the other hand, if you've already been trying to make money from the net for awhile, and all you've got so far is, well, hmmm, very little actual cash, then you are quite fortunate to have found my little Bloggin' spot here to-day. What you have been doing so far, appearantly doesn't work. Our methods DO! We work only productive plans anymore. If they don't work well when they are hand tested by us, well, out they go. If it works real well, we pass it on... :-)