Saturday, May 30, 2009

AYA - Angler Young Angler

Kids and Fishing...
Well as you may or may not already know, I've been pushing for more children to get into Fishing for a lot of years now, because I believe it is something basic and natural that ALL children need. Doesn't matter where on the planet You live, Your children have nature areas near you, where fish live and can be pursued. :-) My own two children, Brooke and Lee, both held live fish just after they started talking. My delightful little daughter's 25th word, was "Fishy" which described and identified anything with fins and scales and gills, to her at that young age. :-) Her little eyes would brighten right up as her wee arm went up and out with fingers extended, so as to hold the little fishy by the lip. :-) Good Times! :-)


I just wanted to make sure and share in here to-day, what I believe to be The BEST way to get Your beloved children a super foothold in something Outdoorsy and so great that it could change their little lives forever.

My very own Super Hero and King role model in all of Fishing Land, none other than Al Lindner, has always been with this awesome program too and THAT ROCKS! :-)

So slip over there now and get Your children involved to-day. Here's the hyper-link.

AYA - Angler Young Angler

...On parting this morning, here's a picture of some 2008 Winners, courtesy of AYA, and they sure look happy to me! I'll bet Your Fishin' Kids would look REALLY Good in there this year. :-)

Fishing Rocks!

Chow 4 now,

Friday, May 22, 2009

Co-Angler….What do I bring with me???? | Peter Larmand Outdoors

Good Advice...

For all of my Bass Fishing readers and followers out there, I'd like to share this article with you, by my old friend Pete "The Flippin' Fool" Larmond, a well known Ottawa area Bass Tournament Angler, with a lot to give to this fine Sport. It's nice to have a seasoned pro tell ya where it's at

If You are lucky enough to get to be the, "boater" with a serious bass fishin' dude, you'll wanna follow Pete's solid advice here, to make sure you don't cause buddy any grief or make things even more complicated out there than they are already. And, of course, to let You and your Angler enjoy a great day with a little proper pre-trip planning. ;-)

Co-Angler….What do I bring with me???? | Peter Larmand Outdoors

Oh ya, Pete also just successfully ran his third annual Fishing Kids Charity event, for CHEO and has so far to date, raised over a thousand dollars for the cause. Thumbs up Pete, a super play for those kids! If You have kids and You'd like to help CHEO, through the fine Sport of Fishing, maybe You and Your children could hook-up with my man Pete for next year's event? He'd Love to have you. :-)

Tight lines...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twitpic is Awesome...

TwitPic Forget-Me-Nots

I'm trying to remember this lovely little plant's name. Oh ya... on Twitpic

If You use Twitter and like to Tweet, then you should look into Twitpic too. It's the New, Cool way, to share pictures with Your Tweets! Oh ya, like Twitter, it's also Free too! :-)

Here's another shot of these beautiful blue babies that hasn't made it to Twitpic yet. You, are the First to see it, before all the Twitter-ers out there get a boo. Now, don't forget, they are called, Forget-Me-Nots... :-)

Chow 4 now...


Saturday, May 09, 2009

WakeWorld -- Media Galleries- Dallas Friday

Photographer: Bill Jamison

WakeWorld -- Media Galleries- Dallas Friday

A great picture of a real Winner!

I just discovered this awesome Woman Athlete to-day and Had to share her with any of my readers who also recognize Greatness and need someone to look up to in life. This woman knows how to overcome adversities and seeks betterment in her daily life. She is a total inspiration.

My hat is off to this wonderful young role model of the female world. Google her if you want well over 4,000,000 hits too.

Dallas Friday Rocks & Rules!

Cheers, lb

Sunday, May 03, 2009

M40 Project - 10 Cent Survival Knife

NOTE: All photo's are By M40 and can be seen even better on his Very Fine website...

This is the Best little Outdoorsy related Do It Yourself project I've seen in years...

M40 Project - 10 Cent Survival Knife

I saw this sweet idea before, a while back, and then I lost it with a crashed computer but I just re-found it again this a.m. over on the forum at SurvivalPodCast... and I simply HAD to share it right in here with You and my little stable of readers and friends. :-) Now, by following these great instructions, and fantastic pictures, EVERYONE can have his or her own, Hand built Survival knife, that lacks Nothing. You can easily add any sort of material, like rawhide lace for instance, and even including the world famous Duct tape or Gaffers tape, to the handle area for your own style of comfort and looks too... :-)

One thing not mentioned in this well known author's article, is the very Cool point, that this High Carbon steel hack saw blade knife, makes it a Super striker for any type of ferrocerium stick or fire stick, as I like to call 'em, which you may be carrying with you. The spot between the handle finger groove and the last section of the bottom part of the blade, is left un-ground, exposing the 90 degree (square) blade surface, to your ferrocerium (or whatever) rod, making a shower of sparks EVERY time. :-)

Cool or what?

So, head over to M40's excellent website to-day and get ready to build yourself a simply sleek and very slick, and super cheap, survival knife, par excellence. Take a look around once you're there and get ready to become a fan or follower or whatever of M40 too, like I am. :-)