Monday, March 03, 2008

Easy Fishing Rod Mount

I was going to wait another few days to blog so I could say that it had been a month since my last entry, but due to terrible weather, I left work early to-day and felt inspired to write when I got home.

Here's a poor man's tip for hanging some of your fishing rods. I'm known for simple and cheap ideas to get the job done, whatever that is.

This is about as "unfancy" as you can get, as for ways to hang your fishing rods. I LOVE simple stuff and hanging up my rods is no exception as you can see here. Yup, that's a single 1 1/2 inch finishing nail hammered about a 1/4 inch deep and at a slight angle, pointing upwards, towards the wall. Next, you simply balance the strung (ready to go) rod, above the reel, on the handle where ever the balance point is for that rod and reel combo. There, you're done. Fast, dirt cheap and totally efficient. Also you're displaying that puppy proper like, for your visitors to view...

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EasyMount.jpg - Uploader v6

Hey, it's March already and spring can't be too far off, although you would not have thought that about 6 this morning on my way to work. Freezing rain made every square inch of sidewalk a real hazard and a total test of balance skills and broken bone avoidance. Management decided that it was too dangerous for the boys to work to-day and so, sent us home after a little re-loading of about a ton or so of material. Makes for a shorter week and I LOVE it!