Friday, January 25, 2008

I LOVE Forums...

To-day I want to express the fact, that I just Love some of these Internet Forums that are all over the net these days! Pick a topic or subject to get Google to find you some forums to check out. You may be surprised to see just how many there are out there, to do with your topic. My topics always have an Outdoorsy slant and so I can only speak of those types of forums, with any kind of authority. The interaction within the membership of these forums is a real lesson in Communications. When you start a thread, you will get various responses, especially if you've posed a question in that thread. Many who frequent these types of forums are pretty Gung-Ho at what they love, so you get valid, sincere and personal comments from these guys and maybe get asked a question back, by them. Other members, are the more passive types and love to just read through the threads and follow along with the conversations without actually posting very often. These folks are mostly the learners and act as part of the big reason the Gung-Ho dudes are in there. People who know, like sharing with those who don't, on these forums. Getting, newbies up to speed, gives these lads a charge. There is so much encouragment from the vets usually, that newb's don't stay green very long and are soon startin' neat threads of their own! :-)

Anywho, to-day I want you to see a little sample of a post I made a while back, on one of my favorite Outdoorsy forums. I climbed the little learning ramp last evening and figured out how to put samples of some of my forum posts in here in my blog for you, my dear blog readers. :-) So here you go. Have a look at how a typical post may appear on a forum, if you were to get into this, forum thingy. I'll be posting a few more samples in here from a few different forums a little later but for now, I'd like you to view this one from the fine folks over at --->

Here's a snapshot of the actual post to do with slowin' down in the it to see it better.


If you haven't visited forums yet, this may give you a gentle shove to do so to-day. There's nothing like communicating with folks of similar thinking within a cool little worldly niche like this!


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