Friday, February 08, 2008

Old times...

As pointed out a few times already, I'm basically an old school Outdoorsman. Sure I follow the new trends but my roots are old. The first good or shall I say, brand name fishing reel I ever owned served me well for over twenty years. Back then it was one of the top spinning reels in the world. It wasn't made in the states or Sweden or Japan either. No sir, this dependable, medium priced reel was built if France, a place not very well known as a fishing knowledge center. Well, they sure knew how to put together a solid and very efficient line winding device! :-) For the next twenty years, I put that Mitchell through it's paces. The two spools it came with was a BIG jump on "smart fishing" because one reel could suddenly handle many species and size of fish. One spool loaded with high test 4 pound mono and the other with eight or ten, I was ready to tackle anybody. I still have that reel to-day and it's still catching fish. Who says newer is better?



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