Friday, May 16, 2008

Surrounded by Nature...

Is Nature all around us, or what? Everywhere I go, beautiful Nature. Praise the Lord for this little Pocket Pentax I've been field testin'. It records whatever I've pointed it at, whenever I want. And, this Optio, does it very accurately, to boot. I just LOVE this high-tech marvel!

Go take a little tour over to Flickr and have a peek at some of the shots I've been recording lately. Hope you enjoy them. :-)

Oh ya, if You have lots of pictures on your hard drive or dvd's, You can make good use of Flickr too. It's all free and just amazing what it can do for YOU!

Here's a link to my Photostream, as they call it over @ Flickr...

Flickr'N'Bourgeois :-)



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