Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mind expansion material...

If YOU are the type of person who likes low-key, neat, money building ideas, you will absolutely LOVE this hand published Volume written by my favorite Treasure Hunter, Karl von Mueller, AKA Dean Miller, Deek Gladson, and others. Karl, as I came to know him, was my TH'ing Hero, ever since I first read his column in the old Western Eastern Treasures Magazines a number of years ago. Karl's very kool, The OwlHooter's Manual, was published back in 1984 for the layman, by the layman, in his own terms, so as to be easy to understand and follow!

This is a real little gem of a book folks. If you can find it, in even pretty used shape (like mine here) :-) it is a Real powerful idea generator and a mind opener, to boot! Especially, if YOU are into things that take little muss or fuss, in order to work.

I personally have learned much from this prolific writer and recommend his writings to Anyone...

Von Mueller Rocks!

Karl Von Mueller

O.k. That's my blurb fer the day...Ho-lay!


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