Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hot Caps...

On the topic of caps to-day, I do have quite a whack of them for starters. To-day though, I just wanted to show you my latest and perhaps my Coolest one ever. This is the first and only one for me, which can be folded up or crushed when not in use and then unfolded to look just like a regular cap, when you need head protection again.

I call this sweetly styled headgear, my Cool Crusher and it even has the ol' white check mark on it, so people will know where to start looking for this very stylish cap when they see me in mine . :-)

See the pics below to get the idea of what I'm talkin' about here. It's folded in four in the upper left hand corner of the first pic and could easily be folded over again if need be.

Cool Crushy

Opened up and uncrushed, you can see here that it looks pretty sharp, eh?

Cool Crushy UnCrushed

I'll add a few more of my Cap pictures in here soon, under the title Hot Caps, to show y'all I ain't no slouch in the fashion/function department either... :-)

Have a good'un!


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