Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring run...

So I made it out on my first bike run of the year to-day. Man, did that feel good, or what? I took a few pics, soaked in some fresh, raw, vitamin D and got my legs and lungs started down the healthier/better road again. What a Super day to be Alive, and able to be out and about on my trusty ol' mechanical steed once more...

First Bike Ride '09

I was tempted to gather a bunch of these willow shoots and make a basket or a fish trap or something... :-)

Willow shoots...

I hope YOU got Your dose of Vitamin D to-day too my friends...



Anonymous said...

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LarryB said...

Yo, MD,

Is this supposed to be your version of a spam sandwich as a contribution to my little blog? ? WTF?