Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Sprout Your Next Meal" by Dorothy Cady

Sprouts and sprouting...

Just found this fantastic website. It's the BEST place I've ever visited on the net, to do with the real nuts and bolts of actually living simpler, smarter and of course, healthier, into our retirement years, for less money than You would think... :-)

Also, I've talked a little about the benefits of putting fresh sprouts into your diet before in my blogs, so this link from Homestead, will help You get Your very own Sprout Garden growing, easy like. :-) Think of it as, your vegetable garden without all the waiting, weeding and all the dirt! Enjoy!

"Sprout Your Next Meal" by Dorothy Cady

Here's some that I enjoyed down by the river the other day. I call this shot, Sprouts on the rocks... :-)

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