Monday, June 22, 2009

Tackle Pics...

I LOVE Lures!

This happens to be my most favorite "walk-the-dog" lure! This particular finish is a little scarce but still as DEADLY as the day I first threw it. It's kinda like a fore runner to the now well known, Lazer Lures. :-)


You see friend, light does indeed attract fish and this wild finish here on this Heddon Spook is something that fish are most definitely attracted to. Not just Bass either. :-)

Cool Lures...

Here's Spooky in a group shot with a few other dazzlers, which fish have NO trouble seeing. The Bagley bait here in the foreground, was pretty flashy and life-like, in his day, but seems almost dull by to-day's, fishing lure glitter standards. :-)

Now, talkin' about glitter and glitz, here's a pretty face for ya. Just take a close gander @ the details on this fine little fishy's face folks... :-) Man, these lure manufacturers have sure come a long ways in the last few years, eh?

Awesome Finish...

I couldn't leave without zoomin' in on this fine little puppy too for ya, so You can eyeball this life-like finish, attached to one Very Hot lip-less rattle-bait style fishing lure. ;-)

Hot Rattle-bait...

Have a good one!

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