Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fishing the light stuff...

Concentration time...

We're Perchin' it...

Here's a look at some of the small stuff that I use, for the small stuff. Oh ya, and that's a Loonie coin in there if you aren't from Canada. :-)

Ultra-lite Artificial Lures...

A Rocky Jr. Panther Martin & Dardevle Skeeter

and I never leave home without these if I'm goin' Perch Jerkin'! :-)
A pair of F2 Flatfish

However, after like an hour, I took out my trusty pocket knife and went to work on this unit, hoping to get at least one or two bites from Somebody, Anybody. ;-)
Customizing again...

Well sir, on the second flip I had five or six Perch following this little tweak but they all seemed very spooky and nervous. I figure there was a Musky or fat Walleye milling around in there close by and that would explain a little of the non-action I had been gettin'. Anywho, on the third flip I slowed everything down another notch to let my hacked Senko glide longer between short slow pulls and Boom. Fish on!
Perch action...
Well, to save face, I managed to catch five or six more of these colorful fish in the span of an hour or so, once I got onto the productive lure slash technique that they were sort of interested in. Another fishin' work-out. :-)
Heading out after Perchin' I came across this cool birdie boy but unfortunately he was standing in the fading light in a brushy area.
Great Blue Heron

Not really a good combo for photography but what the heck, doesn't cost much to try. Maybe I'll catch him again another time, in better lighting and closer to me.

All in all, it was another fine Outdoorsy experience and more proof to me that it's Good to be Alive! :-)

Take care.

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