Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why Blog...

Why do you blog?
Over the last few years I've been asked that very question a fair amount and posted this little blurb, to do with what blogs are and why I'm into them. Maybe it will answer a few of the questions you've had too? Maybe this little blogging piece, will encourage You, even, to build Your own little blog? Now That would be Really cool. :-)
Why do I Blog?

Adding a little bit more here too. Blogs are a really fine way to communicate with others. Strangers and friends alike, are all fair game. Blogs can really help you locate old and new friends. Anyone can blog. No diploma necessary. You just need a simple phone connection to put out beautiful blogs. Are you an artist or a poet or a singer, or maybe a collector of some type of Cool stuff? What better way to show off your skills and talents and all, than on your own blog? Never before in the history of Mankind, have people been able to communicate with other people, so easily, about what they're doing. All of my blogs are FREE too, so that should open a few more doors to those of you who thought that it must cost big bucks to put up a pretty spiffy blog, eh? :-) See, I told you this bloggin' stuff was Cool!

Well if all that's not enough to get you charged up about blogging, then here's something else for you. Now, bloggers can even add a Twitter button and a list of their most recent Tweets too, right on that blog. I have met a number of very fine people through Twitter already and I'm enjoying the quick interactions it provides, with links to pictures, or news or vids or anything, pretty well.

How about your Facebook account? Wanna spread it around the web a little? Yes sir, can do! The new Facebook widget hooks right up on our blogs, seamlessly, to spread the word around the Blogosphere too, even!

Or maybe you have a lot of pictures, stored electronically say, over on Flickr or Photobucket? Bloggers just have to add a little link, with a picture or three, right to their blog and Poof, everyone goes to their photo streams. :-) Too easy!

I'm constantly learning about more ways to personally use the three or four of these powerful Internet tools together. It all good folks. ;-)

Anywho, Thank You for popping in to-day and I hope You have a Super Day out there! :-)


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