Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Middle of April already...

Well it's already the middle of April and the nice weather is catching up and the snow is disappearing real quick, without too much flooding... I'm lovin' it! The beautiful sunny weather just really makes me feel Alive and my health is good as far as I know right now. Just added some more cool gear picks to my other blog last night so I'll try to link it up here to save from downloading all those megapixels in here again. Hopefully this code with work in here to make the link live.

Latest blog

If it doesn't come out, you could just Google me, we have a thing going on... :-)
Here's another shot I Pentaxed two week-ends ago up in Orleans, as mentioned in a previous entry in here.


Now does that Look relaxing or what?

Here's one I took today, of the Rideau, @ Manotick.

Rideau River

Won't be long before I'll have to pull out my rod and stuff, and do some Spring Fishin' :-)



Wowza! The link DOES work! YaHoo! It's nice to see Blogger let's us do that, eh? Thumbs up to Blogger dot com! You ROCK!

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