Saturday, April 26, 2008


So here we are again, back @ the ranch and my boots are still off. Plannin' a day outdoors but still not decided where... Busy week again this past week. Got biking last week-end and remembered how GOOD it all felt again, after such a long winter lay-off. Took a picture or two of an old aquaintance (sp)of mine, along with his bike while out on a neighborhood ride. Biking, the attitude, along with the balance and co-ordination factors involved, keeps one young, in MHO anyway. ;-) I bike to keep healthier in mind and bod. This type of thinking will make anyone feel younger, if they want it to and let it do it's magic...

That reminds me that I'll have to put a link to my blog at LarryB's Blog on my Biking web-site, over on the Tripod server Biking with LarryB Yup, there sure is a lot to do these days. I'm SO fortunate to be able to keep this all up so far...

So anyway, here's two of the shots I Pentaxed the other day, while on my way to work, at my day job. These nice Mullein plants were growing in a waste area, in a nice little colony, not far down the slope from a sidewalk, when I spotted them thriving there.


This slick little digi-cam certainly ranks right up there in my Photojournalist bag of essentials or EDC items, even. :-) These new leaves are only about a week or so old. Just prime for pickin' in my estimation. Somewhere else on one of these blogs of mine, I mentioned that these leaves make GREAT fire-starter material if left to dry for awhile. So these are the follow up pics to show what they look like when I pick them for my fire kit.

Does anyone else use Mullein? Some swear it makes the best spindles for friction stick fires, if you can find it in your area. Even Tom Brown Jr. stated that in his book, TB's Guide to Edible & Medicinal Plants... :-)

Handy Mullein

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