Monday, February 16, 2009

Urban Hermit...

An Urban Sit-spot...

I found this fine blog while following some cool links and thought I'd share it with You, my visitors in here to-day. It moved me, so I commented there and posted about it on my other blog over here at --->Urban Sit-Spot...
and Now, I'm sharing it with You right here, right now, to-day, on this little blog you are viewing. Enjoy! :-) Urban Hermit blogger...Tell him, Larry sent you. ;-)

Hope y'all dig it like I did. :-)

Peace out,


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~ jeff. said...

Hi Larry,

Thanks for the link to the "Urban Sit Spot" blog.

As a point of clarification, "Hermit Jim's" blog is "Coffee with the Hermit":

I'm sure folks will enjoy his blog too.

a simple urban hermit

Urban Sit Spot: