Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eating Healthy with the BEST Nutritional foods...

What to eat?

If you haven't yet been introduced to some of my particular take on eating before, then perhaps you could take a few minutes now to check that out on this little Lens over @ Squidoo Eating Healthy Now... dot com. You see, as I age, I'm finding that it is even MORE important to know what foods I'm eating. I need to know what each one does for me. I only wish I knew this stuff when I was young. :-(

Sticking as much as you can with foods that build new healthy cells, You will live a healthier life. Eating dead foods, does NOT produce new cells. Well, except for cancerous ones etc. :-(

Live Food...

While I've got you here, there is something else I just HAVE to say... PLEASE make sure that you eat your share of fresh sprouts, preferably ones that you grow yourself, at home! :-) These are LIVE foods @ their very Best! Don't let another week pass you by without feeding these marvelous little super foods to that body of yours. :-)

Hang loose,


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Deer Passion said...

A great reminder that we are what we eat!!