Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A little Tweet!

A little Birdie told me...

Well, well, well, I finally hooked up with Twitter! Tweet! Tweet! :-) Man, I should have been onto this before now. I'd heard about it way back, but was too busy with other stuff at the time, to check into it. :-( I'm making up for that lost time now though. :-) I'm happy that You found this bloggy blurb about Tweetin' here to-day with me! :-)

If YOU haven't heard of Twitter yet, or You're not hooked up to Twitter yet, then what in the world are YOU waiting for??? :-) Twitter is Terrific!

Here's a cool part...

I've found that Tweeting is Great, for those times when I don't feel like writing even a few paragraphs but I do have something to say that I want to share with others. You know, like just a sentence or two? A happy statement, perhaps? A quick Birthday Wish to a friend maybe? See what I mean?

Twitter limits your blurb, or Tweet, as they are called over there, to 140 characters, so that you are sort of kinda forced, in a friendly like way, to learn How To compose your thoughts better because of it. No matter WHO you are! It's a Very slick idea in my books and I'm really, really glad I've joined the Great Twitter! :-)

So take a gander over here
You're So Tweet! and use the hyper-link that's there, to visit my little Twitter page Or you could even just go there from here, right now--->Get Tweeted to-day...

Chow 4 now,



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