Sunday, May 03, 2009

M40 Project - 10 Cent Survival Knife

NOTE: All photo's are By M40 and can be seen even better on his Very Fine website...

This is the Best little Outdoorsy related Do It Yourself project I've seen in years...

M40 Project - 10 Cent Survival Knife

I saw this sweet idea before, a while back, and then I lost it with a crashed computer but I just re-found it again this a.m. over on the forum at SurvivalPodCast... and I simply HAD to share it right in here with You and my little stable of readers and friends. :-) Now, by following these great instructions, and fantastic pictures, EVERYONE can have his or her own, Hand built Survival knife, that lacks Nothing. You can easily add any sort of material, like rawhide lace for instance, and even including the world famous Duct tape or Gaffers tape, to the handle area for your own style of comfort and looks too... :-)

One thing not mentioned in this well known author's article, is the very Cool point, that this High Carbon steel hack saw blade knife, makes it a Super striker for any type of ferrocerium stick or fire stick, as I like to call 'em, which you may be carrying with you. The spot between the handle finger groove and the last section of the bottom part of the blade, is left un-ground, exposing the 90 degree (square) blade surface, to your ferrocerium (or whatever) rod, making a shower of sparks EVERY time. :-)

Cool or what?

So, head over to M40's excellent website to-day and get ready to build yourself a simply sleek and very slick, and super cheap, survival knife, par excellence. Take a look around once you're there and get ready to become a fan or follower or whatever of M40 too, like I am. :-)



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