Friday, May 22, 2009

Co-Angler….What do I bring with me???? | Peter Larmand Outdoors

Good Advice...

For all of my Bass Fishing readers and followers out there, I'd like to share this article with you, by my old friend Pete "The Flippin' Fool" Larmond, a well known Ottawa area Bass Tournament Angler, with a lot to give to this fine Sport. It's nice to have a seasoned pro tell ya where it's at

If You are lucky enough to get to be the, "boater" with a serious bass fishin' dude, you'll wanna follow Pete's solid advice here, to make sure you don't cause buddy any grief or make things even more complicated out there than they are already. And, of course, to let You and your Angler enjoy a great day with a little proper pre-trip planning. ;-)

Co-Angler….What do I bring with me???? | Peter Larmand Outdoors

Oh ya, Pete also just successfully ran his third annual Fishing Kids Charity event, for CHEO and has so far to date, raised over a thousand dollars for the cause. Thumbs up Pete, a super play for those kids! If You have kids and You'd like to help CHEO, through the fine Sport of Fishing, maybe You and Your children could hook-up with my man Pete for next year's event? He'd Love to have you. :-)

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