Saturday, May 30, 2009

AYA - Angler Young Angler

Kids and Fishing...
Well as you may or may not already know, I've been pushing for more children to get into Fishing for a lot of years now, because I believe it is something basic and natural that ALL children need. Doesn't matter where on the planet You live, Your children have nature areas near you, where fish live and can be pursued. :-) My own two children, Brooke and Lee, both held live fish just after they started talking. My delightful little daughter's 25th word, was "Fishy" which described and identified anything with fins and scales and gills, to her at that young age. :-) Her little eyes would brighten right up as her wee arm went up and out with fingers extended, so as to hold the little fishy by the lip. :-) Good Times! :-)


I just wanted to make sure and share in here to-day, what I believe to be The BEST way to get Your beloved children a super foothold in something Outdoorsy and so great that it could change their little lives forever.

My very own Super Hero and King role model in all of Fishing Land, none other than Al Lindner, has always been with this awesome program too and THAT ROCKS! :-)

So slip over there now and get Your children involved to-day. Here's the hyper-link.

AYA - Angler Young Angler

...On parting this morning, here's a picture of some 2008 Winners, courtesy of AYA, and they sure look happy to me! I'll bet Your Fishin' Kids would look REALLY Good in there this year. :-)

Fishing Rocks!

Chow 4 now,

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