Thursday, December 13, 2007

Liquidational moves...

O.K. then, so for the last few days I've been heavily into "photog" mode and shootin' pics of a pile of my little collectibles. Thank God for this sweet little Pentax point and shoot which I bought for myself as a birthday gift, last October. I've used Pentax and Minolta 35 mm cameras for over 30 years and this little baby easily whoops them both. If you own a digital camera runnin' at least 6 mega-pixels, you KNOW what I'm talkin' about here, now don't cha, eh? :-) I can't say enough about these super slick pocket cameras that work miracles with light and perform so well with normally difficult, fairly close-up work assignments!

So then of course once you shoot the picture, it has to be resized and or cropped, then titled and saved to a folder. Once that's done, it's pretty easy to add pics from there to the ad posting board. Of course all of this takes time and demands quality of work, in the process, so only so many shots can hit the ad boards in one day.

My two fav's are, Kijiji and also my most recent winner ad board is,Used You might even want to slip over there yourself, if you have something you'd like to sell, it's all FREE. :-) Good luck on that if you do decide to go ahead and post over there. Take a peek at some of my little ads there too, if you get a chance. I could most certainly use any and all of the little amounts of money that I'm asking for my stuff.

Here's two pics I will be posting on kijiji this evening, hope it gets bought quick-like...

Royal Daulton Creamer

Africa Patterned Royal Doulton Creamer

That's it, that's all...


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