Saturday, October 10, 2009

Canadian Tire Special...

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This shot was shared via AddThis too.

I simply Love the smaller size of this cool new unit and how it fits easily into any of my pockets or this great little leather pouch. :-) Sure was nice of Canadian Tire to put this kool little boy on sale too, just when I was at my weakest. :-) Who could pass this up for under 5 bills, I ask ya?

Testin' time...

Worked out real well while being tested so far on my back adjustment screws as seen here and the pliers on this puppy are some kinda awesome as well! This is easily the smallest, coolest and neatest Multi I own, without a doubt. :-)

If you've read any of my stuff before, you may probably already know then, that I've now included this outstanding chunk of gear, in my basic EDC... :-)

Thanx 4 checkin' out this post to-day!



Terry Scoville said...

Very nice! What company makes the tool and about how much? Looks like it'll fit in my seat wedge bag on my road bike.

LarryB said...

Hey there Terry,

Thanx for dropping me a note! It's like a no name tool. Sells regularly @ CTC for $10 but I got it on sale for $3.99. It'll fit in your wedgey real easy-like too. It's awesome! Cheers. :-) lb