Friday, October 02, 2009

My Inspirational morning...

A Marvelous and Loving Woman...

Mildred Norman Ryder

After Not blogging in here for quite awhile, due to MANY reasons, this web-news of a woman, now deceased, got me really charged up! You see, Mildred was truly a Woman among Women and I regret not hearing about her sooner. The saying "it's Never too late" came to mind and so, I knew I HAD to share this awesome woman's tale with anyone and everyone in the freakin' world, that wants to be and or Needs to be, inspired. I KNOW that You Too, will feel something strong towards this amazing woman after slippin' over to this link Introducing, Peace Pilgrim... and finding out who she was and what she did!

Mildred's whole lifestyle inspired this little ol' Outdoorsy blogger So Much, that it got me out of my funk and I added a link to her stuff and a wee blurb as well, on three of my blogs so far, with plans for a mention on the fourth one right after this. Oh ya, I'm also going to Tweet about this amazingly wonderful woman next after that. :-)

The one and only, "Peace Pilgrim"

So a large THANK YOU to Mildred for what you've done for me, even though you have already passed this way. Your thoughts and followers are STILL out there. Thank You for being.

Your Friend for Freedom,


P.S. Please feel free to "Pass It On" and get more folks out there, into seeing the light and feeling the warmth this Very Cool Lady created. Thank You, my fair reader, for being in here to-day. I'm really, really happy to share a little of my life with you! :-)

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