Monday, November 12, 2007

...and the story continues...

So like WoW, it's November already. Another year coming to a cold white close and time for reflection on this years past events are in order. I dabbled a fair amount this year with working for myself on small jobs that I found by myself and followed through with. My clients were VERY satisfied with me, according to each and every one of them. :-) I got deeper into looking for work in the "webpage" department too and came up with a very slick little niche that I will start to concentrate on filling up with my fine work. This picture was taken down at Britannia to the left of the stone break wall. The water was down about three or four feet and I could see all the little shells, rocks, pop cans and other stuff that would normally be under water and invisible.

Also, I came across this kool little mineral specimen while I was there and ended up spending a good half hour on it's removal from the host rock. Had to use chunks of other rock to fracture away at it until it finally came free. Looks VERY interesting to me but what do YOU think it could be?

Here's the pic.

Anyone reading this know rocks and minerals? Drop me a note if you do. I'll be slowly testing it myself but I already believe that it is raw gold!

* Note to self: Bring Geologists hammer with you next time you head up britannia way, O.K.?


Yer Ottawa bud,


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