Monday, November 19, 2007

Evening! Unfortunately there is just a wee bit of time tonight for bloggin' so a quick picture will have to do 4 now... :-)

This is a shot of a bit of gear that I've been callin' my fire-kit lately, for lack of a better word. Any bush lover, outdoorsy type or Survival practitioner would very likely dig this set up. It really gives one a feeling of confidence in knowing you'll have a fire in the woods without a lighter or matches. Of course I won't underplay the fact that it still takes SKILL and a practiced hand to get fire every time. Knowing how to gather and prepare the proper tinder, is the big secret to consistent fire creation.

The keyring goes on a cool clip on my belt, called "Lucky", the Spiderco wanna-be, clips to the inside of my back pocket, or on the belt beside the keys. The fire-stik, goes in my left back pocket, where it's slim design almost disappears and remains totally unnoticed. Note the short section of hack-saw blade on the keyring too, in case I don't want to scrape the pretend Spidey along the fire-stik, although you'll also notice that there is a neat little rounded, grooved section at the back of the, where the stick can't do any damage to the actual blade itself and yet provides great sparks. Also, the back edge of the blade by the thumb rest, is very square and sharp edged and VERY capable of drawing a spark from the 49'er on the first tug...

I also have this picture on one or two of my websites and on another of my blogs as well. This neat ol' leather pouch has been with me since I worked in the government in the early 70's. Man oh man, where in the heck does our precious time go?


Fire Kit Shot

Chow 4 now!


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