Thursday, November 22, 2007

One of the oldest little tools that I've packed around for years has been the venerable G.I. can opener. According to the story, it took 38 twists with this little unit to open a can. I haven't counted myself so I couldn't really tell ya for sure how many twists it takes but I liked the story. :-)

These little pieces of metal are just SO darn handy. There has been numerous articles written about them over the years to illustrate their versatility and express an appreciation for them. They have also created many memories for men in the Service as well. Many guys remember most of the men they served with, when they look at a P-38 to-day. They take up basically NO room, are very light, tough, slick and very functional and all that, makes them very Cool in my books and now in my blog too.

More than 5 inches of snow on the ground now so I guess winter is definitely here to stay. Buses certainly are not as good when there is a lot of snow on the roads. Slush waves are common to-day if you're walkin' anywhere so keep to the inside of the sidewalk if you can. ;-)

Have a good one...

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