Saturday, November 24, 2007

Startin' the day watchin' Angler & Hunter on tv. Kids show today. They were talking about 2 FREE Fishing days per year coming. One in the winter and one in the summer. AWESOME! Since history began in my area (Ottawa) anyone that was a resident of Ontario could "try" fishing whenever they wanted, during the open season. A few years back, the powers that be decided to take all that away and began to charge everyone to fish. Well, everyone over sixteen that is. So a kid could fish but his dad couldn't afford the new luxury taxed fee so he couldn't take his kid fishing so both parties suffered. :-(

The third party was the only party who benefited there, with the millions of new dollars to line their already bulging government pockets. :-( So, I guess it's nice that they are trying to give us back what we already had, that they took away, and make us feel like we're getting a good deal again. Another real life lesson to portray how the government works for us...

Anyway, get out there and fish if you do NOT have or want a fishing license. Call a buddy that fishes and ask him if he can take you to the water on those free days this year. You might like it.

Here's a picture from this past summer down at my secret lake. :-) There are Perch, Bluegills, Walleyes, Musky, L.M.Bass, S.M.Bass, Sunnys, Carp, Black Crappies, Golden Shiners, Emerald shiners and a few other Minnow types, all fighting for survival in this sweet little lake overrun with boats and motors. That's kind of like peeing in a crystal clear mountain stream to me. A jewel of a lake, polluted to near death, evry summer and nobody says or does ANYTHING! There is Way Too much $ money $ involved with Tourism on this lake for them to EVER try and Protect it! I am probably the only person in Ottawa to be whining about how the two or three faced government can continue to kill this lake and go nuts on your head if you bring a little bass home to put in your special set-up aquarium, or hook a walleye with your Crappie jig before the walleye opener, or fish with three single hooks on your line while ice fishing instead of the stated 2. :-{

So despite all that killin' goin' on, there are definitely a pile of these bad boys in there that I chase every spring for the last 15 plus years. I like talking to the kids that walk by and start a dialog with me. I get them going on fishing this place and tell them it's loaded with fish for them to catch, for free even. When I meet a couple of kids fishing together, I have been know to lay a couple of my special hand-tied Crappie Cillers on 'em so they can really start spanking the panfish population, after I show 'em a bit about "how-to" fish the deadly little units... :-)


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