Tuesday, November 20, 2007

O.K., so I was diggin' through some old slide trays the other day and came up with this dusty old shot of none other than the legendary Robert H.(Bob)Jones, long before he became famous. We used to fish together on a fairly regular basis and I can say here with certainty that I learned a passel of good fishin' stuff from this ol' Master. We shared some pretty good times, he and I, and we took each others pictures a number of times over the well photographed bow of his ol' "Tin Goose", the name he gave his trusy, battle scarred, Sportspal canoe...

Now here's a pic I took a couple of weeks ago while down at my local lake with a buddy for the afternoon hatch. I'm really lovin' these kool little crankers, slurpers, gliders, darters and slick poppers, coming over from China this summer. I've got BIG plans for them next year! :-) You got any yet?

How 'bout my faithful ol' Cardinal 4 here, still whirring after all these(25 plus) years? That says a lot for good equipement. I've yet to break one of the two bail springs on this reel. Imagine that, would you?

Have a good 'un!


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